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Team Chaotech


About us

Team Chaotech was founded 2008 as a Day of Defeat:Source team with the name SG1 (Stargate1). After a while the team changed their name two times during 2008-2010. First time they changed the name to WSS (Why So Serious) and had teams in different games, such as Team Fortress 2, Countre-Strike:Source and Day of Defeat Source and we had three different public server on Team Fortress 2 (Vanilla, Fotress and Man vs Machine).
After eight month we decided to change the name once again, but this time to Chaotech (From Chaotic). We had alot of pronunciation such as Chaotech eSports, Chaotech Gaming and Team Chaotech. During 2010-14 Chaotech had alot of good and skilled teams such as Team Fortress 2, Battlefield 3, Day of Defeat:Source, Counter-Strike:Source and Call of Duty 4, who all have preformed good in their games and won alot of award during their time here at Chaotech. Some of the players in the teams have played for the Swedish National team such as Lambi (Day of Defeat:Source), B1GFooT (Battlefield 3) and Snejbelsax (Battlefield 3). Evilmoon (Team Fortress2) played for the finnish national team during 2012-2013.

Today Team Chaotech have one active team in Countre-Strike:Global Offensive and we constantly searching for more teams in different games who want to become a part of our mission to conquer the gaming scene!

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